Welcome to Clynn By Nature website. Since we commit to providing you premium products and the most accommodating customer service, we equally value your privacy in all your transactions with our team. With a trusted system on our website and customer database, we assure our clients that personal information disclosed to our team are protected from being accessible to the public and to other parties that we do not associate with our business. By using our website and purchasing our products, you agree to the standard policy that is set forth below. We reserve the right to revise certain parts of this privacy policy based on the discretion of our company, in which we will be amending this page in order for you to be updated on how we collect required information from you and how we use it for the business transactions.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Clynn By Nature website requests its clients to provide some personal and private information that include name, address, contact number, email address, and bank details. We ask you the mentioned information in order for your account to be officially registered on our website and database. We require these details so we can arrange your orders accordingly—from the sending of the products to the correct shipping address to the follow-up if the product has arrived, and other needed inquiries to our clients regarding the transactions made. We request for the email address for the following actions: sending of invoice for the detailed shipping and payment information, sending of daily and weekly newsletters, informing clients about special promotions, and following up payments and other issues. We require your contact number, either mobile or landline, in order for us to directly communicate with you about order concerns. We apply this kind of system in collecting information for better service.


We make sure that the information you gave us go through a secure, encrypted area, and protected database, which are only accessible to the assigned personnel in our team. Credit card numbers will not be saved in our database. We give importance to your privacy and we only require necessary information for the benefit of completing a successful transaction with you.

Disclosure of Information to Other Parties

We may provide your personal and private information only and during the following situations in accordance to the standard procedures, wherein the involved parties agree to protect your privacy. Disclosure of personal information to other parties may happen in the following circumstances—transactions with affiliates and suppliers that involve banks, credit card companies, online payment gateways, and courier for the intention of having a successful ordering process; business turn-over when Clynn By Nature grants an acquiring group to continue the operations; and court cases or arrest warrant once your personal information can be useful to the investigation of government authorities. Clynn By Nature shall ask your approval to provide your personal information if other parties, which are not stated in this list of provisions, need your private details.


Clynn By Nature uses cookies, which are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored by your computer to our company’s server. These cookies are used to store the information your provided us and to make the shopping cart remember the details you entered. We use cookies to track our client’s login status on the website, to check the user’s browsing activities, and to review the website traffic based on the analytics, so we will know what and how to make the website better in the website navigation, user interface, and customer service.

Contact Us

Should you want to discuss our privacy policy, ask some questions, or relay other concerns, please feel free to reach us at lynn.yap@clynnbynature.com, and we will be happy to address your issues in the best way we can.