The Science of Shampoos – Sulfates

This is the science of shampoos. But why care? Because ingredients matter: What goes onto your head can make your scalp dry, and itchy, and sensitive—intolerably irritating. Ever told yourself to stop scratching your head? Don’t worry. You can skip these bad hair days—with just a little help from science! So let’s begin with sulfates.

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Chemicals in Shampoo – Silicone

Talking to friends and colleagues recently reveals that consumers have grave concerns about the ingredients that are in their hair shampoos. In particular, which ingredients are harmful to us? Reading materials on the internet and coffee talks with friends have left many feeling uneasy. Inevitably, I get a spillover of some of their questions. In this series, we will discuss the nature of chemicals commonly associated with shampoos and how they impact us as the end users

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