The Science of Shampoos – Sulfates

This is the science of shampoos. But why care? Because ingredients matter: What goes onto your head can make your scalp dry, and itchy, and sensitive—intolerably irritating. Ever told yourself to stop scratching your head? Don’t worry. You can skip these bad hair days—with just a little help from science! So let’s begin with sulfates.

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Low-Maintenance Hair: Get Ready (and Gorgeous!) in Minutes

In my long list of Things-To-Cram-Every-Morning, hair shouldn’t be one of them. I’d rather hit the snooze button than the blow-dryer switch! That’s why these low-maintenance hair tips are an absolute lifesaver! Try them whenever you’re running late or just prefer a fast but flawless haircare routine. ContentsUse a multi-purpose shampooGet a layered haircut Style your ..

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Asian Innovation – Clynn By Nature’s Founder Lynn Yap A Scientist With A Mission

Meeting Clynn By Nature founder Lynn Yap at a women’s event was eye opening. Determined and energetic, I recalled how she was explaining to each browser at her stand exactly what every product contained. Customers would leave with an arm-full of product. It was clear her range of shampoos and hair care, had a unique benefit ladies were looking for.

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CLYNN & Green

Not many people have the courage to leave a stable job to start their own business. However, Lynn Yap, the woman behind CLYNN By Nature, isn’t most people. The gutsy Singaporean left her job and started her bespoke hair and scalp care brand at the age of 51, an age where most people switch to cruise-mode. SG Lifestyle’s Column Editor, Angela, spoke with the chemist turned businesswoman as she celebrates the brand’s 5th anniversary to find out more about how the business is doing and her secret to growing her brand in a COVID-struck year.

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新闻深呼吸+ | 疫情助力 化学师自创护发品牌转亏为盈

疫情下,许多本地小型企业为了生存在行销模式上作出调整。《我的生意新疫章》系列带你了解本地三家公司如何应变。57岁的叶惠翠原本是名化妆品化学师,6年前因脱发问题而研究调配适合自己的护发品,而创办了CLYNN By Nature。

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