Our Testimonials

A trusted organic hair care provider for all your hair care needs. Being in this field for years, our goal is to provide the finest hair care products for you with years of research for the perfect formulation. Still sceptical? Let our customer testimonials speak for themselves!

Teenage Hair Loss

“My teenage daughter recently experienced plenty of hair loss! Thank you so much, Lynn for recommending CLYNN Scalp Shampoo, Extra Moisture Conditioner for her long hair and Scalp Tonic 01 Strong Roots. After using for a month, her hair fall has reduced from 800 strands to 80 per day. She loves her hair so much now because it looks so good and easy to manage. She now uses scalp shampoo weekly and extra moisture shampoo daily.”



July 23, 2021

Menopause Hair Loss

Love all the CLYNN shampoos, conditioners and scalp tonics. My hair is fuller, more body yet soft and well conditioned. You are a God-sent and a genious😊!

Karen Wong


July 22, 2021

Oily Scalp / Hair Loss

“CLYNN By Nature’s Scalp Shampoo is mild and yet effective in treating oily scalp, stops itchy scalp and any discomfort. Scalp feels clean and healthy. My colleagues are using it too!

After using CLYNN By Nature’s Scalp Tonic 01 Strong Roots DHT-blocking formula, my hair loss is much reduced. My son and colleagues have found similar efficacy. Well done!”

Dr Arvind Sinha, Sr. Consultant


July 21, 2021